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A priest disobeys church law to track down the vampires who kidnapped his niece.

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original title: Priest

genge: Action,Fantasy,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller


imdb: 5.2

duration: 1h 27min

tags: Vampire Killer

budget: $60,000,000

keywords: vampire, priest, church, warrior, vampirehunter, mountain, dystopia, totalitarian, basedoncomicbook, sheriff, hive, outpost, rescue, disobey, huntress, strongfemalecharacter, humanversusvampire, vampi

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PRIEST, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller, is set in an alternate world -- one ravaged by centuries of war between man and vampires. The story revolves around a legendary Warrior Priest from the last Vampire War who now lives in obscurity among the other downtrodden human inhabitants in walled-in dystopian cities ruled by the Church. When his niece is abducted by a murderous pack of vampires, Priest breaks his sacred vows to venture out on a quest to find her before they turn her into one of them. He is joined on his crusade by his niece's boyfriend, a trigger-fingered young wasteland sheriff, and a former Warrior Priestess who possesses otherworldly fighting skills. A priest disobeys church law to track down the vampires who kidnapped his niece. Christopher Plummer does not make many appearances in vamp films today. In fact, he never does. He knows well enough to stay away, generally, but this was a big budg piece of plonk which must have offered the whole of the cast a hefty paycheck. There is no serious character development, which forces the viewer to assume either mullet head acceptant crap, or slack jawed viewing crap. The first 50% of the film asks that you ride the trail of the second half which should be equally good. It's just not. Yes, lots of good actors exercise their skill here, especially Bettany, but the latter half of the film just completely loses any tension and flavor. Priest (2011): Dir: Scott Charles Stewart / Cast: Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q, Lily Collins: The title stands for good from a spiritual standpoint but its delivery is laughable. Based on a comic book that is about as little seen as Jonah Hex, It regards humans as an endangered species thanks to a losing war against vampires. Thankfully Priest fighters are able to kill them. Director Scott Charles Stewart and star Paul Bettany both collaborated on the dimwitted Legion, which also dealt with spiritual themes that aren't exactly Biblical. Bettany fares better here as a warrior Priest out to save a young girl from an army of vampires but it all winds down to a lot of excessive violence and blood shed that nobody cares about. Karl Urban as the villain Black Hat is an embarrassing sight. He dances about as his minions commit deadly acts, then he appears ominous under the shadows of that hat as if we're suppose to be intimidated. This guy is about as intimidating as Elmer Fudd. Cam Gigandet is another sorry sight as a Sheriff who accompanies Bettany and basically gets in the way. Maggie Q plays a females Priestess out to warn Bettany that he disobeyed orders. Her prime function is to fight and look cool doing it. Judging from the film she is in then that may be a challenge. Lily Collins is also featured and hopefully regrets it. The special effects are the ticket as hideous monsters jump out and attack only to get blown away. The Biblical references are warped at best but then again, nothing in this film will warrant any reward for screen writing or originality. Score: 3 遜 / 10 The film is somehow a disappointing combo of too-full and oddly empty. Even with all the various parts and pieces going into its structure, it feels bare-bones. When the family of Owen Pace (Stephen Moyer), brother of Priest (Paul Bettany), is attacked by vampires, his wife Shannon (M辰dchen Amick) killed, and their daughter Lucy (Lily Collins) abducted; Priest disobeys Monseignor Orelas (Christopher Plummer) and goes against church law to find Lucy before she is turned into a vampire. Aided by Lucy's boyfriend Sheriff Hicks (Cam Gigandet) and the Priestess (Maggie Q), the three follow Lucy's trail and come mano-a-mano against Black Hat (Karl Urban), an ex-priest who was captured by vampires and turned into a "human vampire" by the vampire queen herself. Priest is based on a Korean manhwa (graphic novel series), also titled Priest, by Hyung Min-Woo. An interview with Hyung in Priest: Volume 3 states that the comic was inspired by the video game Blood (1997) (1997). The manhwa was adapted for the screen by Cory Goodman. Priest is set in a post-apocalyptic alternate world in which vampires and humans have been warring for centuries. Facing extinction, mankind withdrew behind walled cities under the protection of the church. As its ultimate weapon, the church trained "priests" with extraordinary powers in the art of vampire combat. The majority of the vampires were killed, the remaining vampires placed in reservations, and the warrior priests assimilated back into society where they disappeared into obscurity. The train carrying Lucy and the vampire army continues to speed toward Jericho. While Priestess rushes ahead on her motorbike in an attempt to set a bomb and blow up the train, Priest and Hicks search the train for Lucy, battling vampires along the way. Hicks stops them by shooting holes in the ceiling, allowing the sunlight to pour in on them. "You would have made a good Priest," Priest compliments him. Hicks find Lucy, but Black Hat manages to knock him off the train. He then nails Priest to the wall, set the cabin on fire, and escapes with Lucy to the top of the train. Priest manages to break free and goes after them. As they run along the top of the train, they notice Priestess heading straight for them on her motorbike, which she has outfitted with the explosives. As the motorbike and train begin to explode, she jumps off the bike. At the same time, Lucy and Priest leap off the train, and it blows to bits, killing Black Hat and his entire vampire army. Priest returns to Cathedral City where Orelas is holding a church service. He tosses a severed vampire head at Orelas' feet, angering him into denying that there are any more vampires left. "The war is over," Orelas shouts. As Priest walks out the door, he replies, "No, it's just beginning." In the final scene, he heads out into the wasteland on his motorbike. He stops to talk with Priestess, who informs him that the other Priests will rendez-vous with him at Seven Cities. Designed for a broader rating (no nudity, one F-bomb), the action scenes in Priest were pretty close to qualifying for an R rating. To assure the PG-13 rating, some minor modifications of the images and the audio needed to be made, just like the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) demanded. In a couple of scenes, the CG blood has been reduced and colored differently. Furthermore, some obvious noises during the process of stabbing or some bones that get broken have been removed from the audio track. The fact that brutal stabbing itself is fine with the MPAA, as long as is doesn't sound that gruesome, made the director wonder.


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